Bath & Shower

Our products are especially well suited for the bathtub and shower surround application. Both stone and fiberglass have been successfully used in these applications for ages and when these two materials are combined the result is a beautiful, lightweight and durable material that is easy to work with and simple to install. TXTR-LITE™ takes advantage of the benefits of both of these materials to create a more versatile product capable of being used in virtually any installation.

Shower Walls with TXTR-LITE: TXTR-LITE™ in showers works great especially when combined with curves that previously weren't possible with stone and tile. Because it offers a water tight surface TXTR-LITE™ can be installed in new and existing showers and tub surrounds quickly while saving you on install costs.

TXTR-LITE™ over Existing Tile: Quickly becoming one of TXTR-LITE™'s most popular applications, installers are finding that TXTR-LITE™ lays up fast over existing tiles and saves money. When this application is used there is no need for demolition of the old tile if it is sound: And, no need to send debris to the dump.


TXTR-LITE™ has proven to be an ideal surface for a multitude of kitchen surfaces, from a simple back splash to a curved soffit, this amazing material will add a striking accent to any decor. Lightweight, easy to handle and simple to install, TXTR-LITE™ can be used in new or old kitchens over existing tiles, drywall, tile board or most other solid surfaces.