Door Install

Prep Surface

This project involved covering an old door with Silver Shine TXTR-LITE. Proper surface prep is important. The surface was sanded and brushed clean before the TXTR-LITE was installed.

Layout and Cutting

TXTR-LITE is laid out and cut with sheet metal shears. Cutting is simple because of TXTR-LITE's thin, flexible nature. Note the back of the material is scribed with a knife.

Adhesive Application

Adhesive is applied with a toothed trowel. This project used heavy-duty construction adhesive. Note some construction adhesives foam when moisture is present. Clamps can be used to prevent separation or swelling.

Use of Roller

A roller is used to press down the TXTR-LITE. Start from the middle to push air out towards the edges. Care must be taken not to push the adhesive out, or an air gap may form.

Grout Lines

Note the grout lines have been cleaned with a scraper and filled with grout. Door knob and dead bolt holes have been cut with a hole saw.

Finished Product

Finished door is sealed, re-hung and hardware installed.