TXTR-LITE™ art forms made possible with water jet cutting

A Brand New Form of Art, In Real Stone. A new art form has been developed using TXTR-LITE™™ where it is water jet cut as an inlay into another color of TXTR-LITE™, wood, or any other surface. It can then be fixed in place using our TL Adhesive and then finished using standard grouts and sealers. The effect is spectacular, easy, and flawless. The art forms are only limited to what the water jet can cut and your imagination.

TXTR-LITE™ Signage with water jet cutting

The same technique can be used for sign lettering and logos. TXTR-LITE™ can be water jet cut for post inlays into larger sheets for a truly unique look in stone with all the benefits of our lightweight and flexible stone veneers. To discuss the unlimited application possibilities, please contact us to see how we can create a new art piece for you. Or if you wish to receive samples, order adhesive or full-sized sheets, please click here.

TXTR-LITE™ with Natural Stone

TXTR-LITE™ can be used with natural stone and tile, to create a dramatic finished look. Stone strips can be used to finish the edges of a TXTR-LITE™ shower install or large stone slabs can be used to cap off a TXTR-LITE™ clad wall or seating area. There are no limits to the possibilities when using TXTR-LITE™ in conjunction with real stone.