Installation Over Slump Block

This outdated slump block hearth & mantle was covered with TXTR-LITE™ with little demolition to the existing structure. The renovation completely updated the look of the room.

A modernized custom designed mantle was pre-built in a fab shop and later hung in place. For the mantle Copper TXTR-LITE™ was chosen; for the vertical surfaces Indian Autumn was used.

Mantle details show how TXTR-LITE™ can be bent and grouted offering a rustic but modern look.

The existing hearth and mantle were removed in minutes.

OSB board was screwed to the slump block creating a flat surface to adhere the TXTR-LITE™ to. A new single piece flagstone hearth replaced the old one.

TXTR-LITE™ looks outstanding when used with real stone as shown here. TXTR-LITE™ works superbly to cover large areas quickly. TXTR-LITE™ creates a large stone look on surfaces where real stone or tile just isn't practicle like on curves, rounds, or even ceilings.