TXTR-LITE™ Product Specifications

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Each sheet will be different as every piece consists of a thin layer of real stone and no two stones are exactly the same. TXTR-LITE™ is backed by a polymer composite, which most construction grade adhesives will bond to. Finish on the material will be natural stone on front; back side glass fiber/resin.






  • Standard Sheet Sizes:
    1. 24" x 48" (All colors)
    2. 48" x 96" (Select colors)
  • +/- 1 to 2mm length as well as in width of the sheets
  • +/- 1 to 2 degrees at right angle to be expected

Custom Cutting

Special sheet sizes may be ordered on larger quantities with most stone color choices. Contact our sales staff for a quote on custom sheet sizes.


When a color is ordered the customer must expect there will be variations from sheet to sheet. The natural color variations in the stones and in each sheet make matching a stone color to a specific color chip nearly impossible. When orders are filled our staff will expertly pick the sheets which are matched by color, pattern, and texture.

Color Variations

TXTR-LITE™ stone veneer sheets are made from natural stones using all of the unique colors and textures found in every layer of these sedimentary stones. Accordingly, each sheet of TXTR-LITE™ will vary in color, texture, hue and pattern the same way natural slates and micas do. Some colors, like Copper, Multi-Color and Silver Shine are more standard in color but can vary in texture. Indian Autumn, Sanjayani White and Jeera Green can have a wide range of texture and color. These variations are inherent to the nature of the stone and add to the unique beauty of each individual sheet of TXTR-LITE™.

Custom Matching

If custom matching is requested for color, texture, and/or pattern our staff will spend extra time sorting to match as best they can. A custom matching order will be charged accordingly. If the volume is sizable a photo or representative sample may be sent for pre-approval by the customer.


Pre-Sealing the stone surface prior to application is recommended for quick and easy cleanup during installation. Larger orders can be sealed prior to shipping and will be billed depending on the type of sealer chosen for the specific application.

For any questions regarding the above topics please feel free to contact our office for details.