When Remodeling you are often in a hurry to get in and get out as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Seldom do any us have the time to spend testing or trying new materials while remodeling or renovating a bath, kitchen, or wall covering.

Covering Existing Tile

When installing new tile in a shower or backsplash you can either start over and remove what is there OR leave the existing tile and simply tile over it using our TXTR-LITE™ Flexible Stone Veneer and TXTR-LITE™ Adhesive™. By not removing all that old tile you will save yourself time, money and trips to the landfill. Not to mention not re-installing a new moisture barrier, plumbing, or structural repairs. Plus you don't need a tile saw, instead grab a pair of tin snips.

If your walls, tiles, and existing pluming are sound leave them, don't rip them out. A tip for saving on new fixtures is to purchase a "Remodel" fixture kit, made by most standard plumbing fixture brands, at the hardware store. Just remove the threaded fixtures and replace with shiny new parts after you have covered and grouted the existing tile with TXTR-LITE™.

When you use TXTR-LITE™ Adhesive™ you can complete the job in hours rather than days. TXTR-LITE™ Adhesive™ sets up in a few hours allowing you to keep working while it is curing. It also cures between non-porous materials like the TXTR-LITE™ tiles and ceramic tile. TXTR-LITE™ Adhesive™ is an elastomeric moisture cure material that super-bonds while staying flexible even when wet.

Plan Ahead

You will save yourself hours if you plan out your next project using TXTR-LITE™ sheets, use TXTR-LITE™ Adhesive™, and leave the existing tile alone. For new construction with new drywall be sure to prime the surfaces with recommended primers first. Drywall dust is like dirt and if you put any tape or adhesive over dirt, bad adhesion will occur.

What About trims or edges?

A little smart planning here to will allow you to keep moving on the project. Some of the best looking projects with TXTR-LITE™ have been done using natural stone tiles. A little TXTR-LITE™ Adhesive™ will bond the real ceramic/stone tiles or mosaics and hold them in place.

By dry fitting or calculating the thickness of the mosaics or trims ahead of time you can create a flush or raised boarder. Using 1/4" hard backer for proper elevations can also give you just the finished look you want.


Floors tiles too can be covered with TXTR-LITE™ Flexible Stone. As a flooring TXTR-LITE™ is great in wet areas and feels great to walk on. Finished floors look great and are a non-slip surface.