TL Adhesive in 3.5 gallon pail

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TL Adhesive in 3.5 gallon pail


TXTR-LITE Adhesive Pail in a 3.5 gallon (448 oz) pail.

TXTR-LITE Adhesive, when cured, is a strong, non-sagging, flexible binder to most substrates. The unique adhesive blend of TXTR-LITE Adhesive allows the sheets of TXTR-LITE to be adhered without sagging or slipping during installation. This adhesive can be used indoors or outdoors as long as water cannot get behind the TXTR-LITE and there are no air gaps. Any installations are the responsibility of the installer and any application should be tested before final installation. For best results, use product within 3 months of purchase

No returns or refunds on TXTR-LITE Adhesive.

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Adhesive Coverage - The standard coverage for the TXTR-LITE Adhesive pail is 175 square feet, or 22 sheets of 2'x4' TXTR-LITE Stone Veneer. For rough surfaces like concrete block more adhesive may be required. Note: For TXTR-LITE sheets with clefts and ridges on the back it is recommended to back butter (pre-fill) low areas before using TXTR-LITE Adhesive. To achieve minimal air gaps back buttering (pre-filling) TXTR-LITE sheets will assure complete coverage of adhesive and will use more adhesive than standard coverage above.

TXTR-LITE Over Tile - When adhering TXTR-LITE over tile and other non-porous surfaces TXTR-LITE Adhesive is the only adhesive recommended and backed by Ecosphere Associates, Inc. This adhesive will cure between two hydrophobic surfaces. TXTR-LITE Adhesive will tack within 2 hours and fully cure within 24 hours. Do not use air cure adhesives when bonding TXTR-LITE to tile or other non-porous surfaces as they may not cure properly.

Clean Up - TXTR-LITE Adhesive requires mineral spirit clean up to remove from tools and other surfaces. Please use proper ventilation and all recommended safety equipment when using mineral spirits. Mineral spirits are flammable and cautions must be taken to keep from flame or sparks. Do not use electric tools or heaters near or around any solvents. Please read all warnings on solvent containers before using.

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